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Illuminati Estates Pvt. Ltd.

Gurugram based Platinum Realtor

Our Story

Illuminati Estates Pvt Ltd, headquartered in the vibrant city of Gurugram, proudly operates as a distinguished realtor with a remarkable legacy. Our journey began in 2014, and since then, we have relentlessly pursued excellence in providing exceptional real estate investment opportunities. Specializing in the sale and resale of super luxury apartments, our comprehensive services cater to the discerning needs of astute investors and aspiring homeowners alike.

With an unwavering commitment to our craft, we have cultivated an enduring presence in the real estate industry. Throughout our illustrious tenure, we have honed our expertise and fostered strong relationships with renowned developers and builders, enabling us to curate an impressive portfolio of premium properties.

Our History

Illuminati Estates, now officially registered as Illuminati Estates Pvt Ltd, is the visionary brainchild of Mr. Rishu Chopra, an ardent realtor hailing from Dhariwal, Punjab. Born into a family with a military background, Mr. Rishu Chopra brings a decade of invaluable industry experience to the table. Through his journey, he has witnessed the ebbs and flows of the real estate landscape, adapting to the ever-evolving changes that have shaped the industry in recent years.

Today, Illuminati Estates Pvt Ltd proudly offers a comprehensive suite of real estate services, including sales, purchases, rentals, and various other bespoke solutions. Our expertise lies in catering to the premium lifestyle segment, where we specialize in curating extraordinary residential experiences for our discerning clientele.

As a trusted and registered retail partner, Illuminati Estates Pvt Ltd collaborates with some of the most prestigious real estate projects in India. Notably, we have forged strong alliances with iconic developments such as Camellias and Magnolias, located in the vibrant state of Haryana.